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The Scourging at the Pillar

We decided to utilize a great asset of this film, our talented artist Peter Murphy, to build a perfect replica of the Shroud of Turin.

We chose to do this to assemble more evidence of our faith. The Shroud as been venerated for centuries and supported by many saints and popes. It is going to be priceless for people to see the actual marks that Christ received, based on the Shroud. What Peter did at no charge was definitely outstanding.

Another big thank you goes to all the Roman solders: Bas Rutten, Ricky Renzi, Tim Herkenhoff, Ray Rodrigues, and Bryce Patillo. Ricky is the brother of the Robert, who played Jesus. He wanted to be the one to beat his brother. From Robert's perspective, if someone had to beat him, then who better than his brother.

The team effort was also blessed by God's providence. At the last minute our plan for the pillar, where Christ got scourged failed, and there was no plan B. This was surely not something small for such an important scene. This is God's movie so as always, when all our hopes were almost gone, Christ provided through one of our handymen, Lucas. He provided this beautiful tree trunk, that with the persistence and strength of Thomas, who plays Peter, were able to plant it on the ground and attach the chain to it.

Many thanks to the team and the Holy Spirit who allowed these great shots to be captured.

Below is Peter who designed the prosthetics and did the make up for the scourging. Thank you Peter!

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