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Building the Last Supper Set

1st century architecture is not typically found in the United States so we had to create the Last Supper set from scratch. As you can see in the picture below, we transformed a barn into the Upper Room. God blessed us with a generous donor who allowed us to use their barn for free! Thank you!! This transformation could not have happened without the help of many great volunteers! As you can see on the image to the left, there was no ceiling so the team had to build this. That was done by using long tree branches where hay was placed between the branches.

Angelo worked with Warner Brothers to create these plastic rock molds to create the walls of the Upper Room. The team then assembled wooden frames and fixed the plastic sheets to them. The painting process was next. Angelo spent two fulls days doing this. A lot of work went into this.

We bought a lot of plywood to create the background that the plastic could be to fastened upon.

The boards were then ready for the plastic.

The plastic was then painted by the team.

The process above was just one wall. All of the walls had to be covered so that it would be the optimal film environment. It was a large undertaking.

They also had to create a proper entrance area. There were also the hundreds of props that you see in the images. Angelo drove many places to make sure the proper items were selected.

So much went into just this one set and this was all done for the glory of God!

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